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The last columns from the Columbus Alive are now up. I will continue writing the column for my site, but it will no longer appear in the Alive, as I pulled it from the paper.

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12-07-2005: that's why life is awesome.

11-30-2005: Not allowed to date.

11-23-2005: adventure.

11-16-2005: What is the problem.

11-09-2005: no accounting for taste.

11-02-2005: cheating.

10-26-2005: you might flunk out.

10-19-2005: raise the bar.

10-12-2005: need to nose basis.

10-05-2005: dorm rules.

9-28-2005: feline fatties.

9-21-2005: marital chastity.

9-14-2005: my best friend is a homophobe lover.

9-07-2005: candy dishes from strangers.

8-31-2005: i have a small penis.

8-24-2005: cat lovers, bad drivers.

8-17-2005: job skills.

8-10-2005: friendship wasn't supposed to be one of the benefits.

8-03-2005: a touching story from the music biz.

7-27-2005: boobs are for breastfeeding too.

7-20-2005: commonwealth breakups and the copied comics con.

7-13-2005: beer smells, anal bleaching.

7-06-2005: hair control and three-way jitters.

1-26-2005: the station wagon.

11-15-2004: swinging in your mom's direction.

10-12-2004: it was great.

9-7-2004: hundred dollar whiny bitch

8-4-2004: D: D: D:

6-17-2004: cool out. COOL OUT.

5-11-2004: old dudes and beards.

4-14-2004: my underpants are half off.

3-17-2004: god, your head is huge.

2-18-2004: how does it feel to be awesome

2-1-2004: askin natalie

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