Hair control and three-way jitters

by Natalie Dee

Iím a guy who has too much leg hair. Iím sitting here with a ruler and itís 3.4-centimeters long (1.3 inches) and thereís a lot of it up to the bottom of my hips. What is the best way of getting rid of this, because waxing hurts and shaving makes it worse.


What do you think about bikini waxing?


I think I can answer both these questions in one fell swoop. People have had body hair since the beginning of time. If there was something wrong with having body hair, the entire world would not be covered in it.

That said, body hair removal is a personal decision, and if you feel like you need to be that dude who waxes his ass or that lady with no pubic hair, go for it. It will be expensive and time consuming for temporary fixes, and extremely expensive and painful and take months for permanent fixes.

Me? I donít think itís worth the hassle. I just shave my pits and legs if people are going to be able to see them, and thatís about it.


I was just wondering, if you could have any superpower in the world, and one wish come true, what would they be?


Teneille, I would be flyiní around with a thousand dollars. It would be sweet.


People say Iím terrible and/or going to hell because I tend to laugh at my dogís stupid accidents (running into screen doors, tripping over his giant tennis ball and rolling down a hill, etc.). Do dogs get sensitive when people laugh at them, or do they have a sense of humor?


I donít think dogs are smart enough to realize youíre making fun of them. I do think they are able to pick up when youíre having a good time, though (like when youíre laughing at them being dumb). If they see you having a good time, they are not going to feel bad about it, they are just gonna try to ham it up and hope you start having such a good time that you drop all the hamburgers on the floor.


Ever since I have been taking birth control, I have become abnormally wet during sexual intercourse. This is good for me, but not good for my partner. Sometimes he canít get off because itís so slippery. My doctor said to wait it out but nothing has changed. What should I do?


This is an interesting problem, since usually ladies have problems getting wet in the first place and dudes usually donít have problems getting off.

I would recommend more foreplay, not so much for you as for him. If you get him like 75 percent there, maybe it will be easier for him to get off once you start doing the deed. Also, periodically wiping up any excess slipperiness may help, unless youíre just leaking like a faucet, in which case youíre on your own.


Recently my girlfriend decided that for my upcoming birthday I would be given a threesome. Itís shaping up to be a nice, intimate evening with dinner, a movie, some music and then... retiring to the bedroom.

Iím just slightly worried about it, though. I love her very much and I donít think anything could negatively impact our relationship, but sheís slightly hesitant about it (even though it was her idea) and I donít want her to become jealous or think that anything would happen to us because of it. I think sheís just worried about keeping me as a boyfriend.

Plus Iím going through typical guy fears about my inability to please the additional girl. I can make my girlfriend scream in pure ecstasy all night long (well, when we arenít around people that isóotherwise she screams into a pillow), but not all erogenous zones on females are the same. Should I talk to the second girl beforehand about this?

Also, we have chosen someone who is a good friend to both of us so itís more comfortable and a little less awkward after itís done with. In your opinion, is that a good idea or not so much? Are our worries stupid, normal, or maybe a little of both?


I think a little apprehension is normal, seeing as this would be your first time having a threesome. My concern would be that it doesnít really sound like either of you want to do it.

Threesomes are messy business for the most part. Iím not saying itís impossible to have a good one, but most girls are kinda attached to their boyfriends, and no amount of sexual open-mindedness makes them want to watch some other girl have sex with them. Maybe Iím just projecting my own feelings, though.

If you decide this is something youíre going to go ahead and do, I would reconsider doing it with a close friend. That could be pretty awkward later on, like if you and your girlfriend get married and the third wheel is the maid of honor or something.

Also, since this is gonna be a one-time thing for your birthday, I would not get a bunch of performance anxiety about satisfying everybody. Let the two ladies double-team you and call it a night. It is pretty studly to get everyone off, but itís just as studly getting serviced by two girls, and it will prevent your girlfriend from getting jealous about you spending too much time on the other girl.

But, like I said, you might want to wait until youíre both 100 percent sure itís something you want to do, ícause the most important thing is that everyone involved is having a good time.

Also, make sure you use condoms, even if you and your lady have been monogamous thus far and are on some other form of BC. But you knew that already.


Does your mother know what a sailor-mouth you have? My mother knows about my sailor-talk but she acts outraged when thereís a demonstration, even though I learned it by watching her.


Hi, cussing is pretty much my job. What do you think?

Natalie Dee is a Columbus-based artist and writer whose work can be seen at To Ask Natalie, e-mail