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2004-02-05 - 11:45 p.m.

did you go to prom??

i have been thinking, and i have decided that prom is the most hilarious thing EVER. pimply boys in tuxes. girls getting wicked uptight about finding the most god-awful dress imaginable. pretending you are all grown up when grownups NEVER DRESS LIKE THAT EVER.

if you went to prom, i bet you have a picture of yourself going to prom or at prom or something. i want everyone who has a picture of themselves at prom to scan it in and send it to me.

i got the new issure of TEEN PROM, and now i am all in a tizzy thinking about all that magic. if you send me a picture, i will mark out your face(s) and put them in a special part of my website entitled ETERNAL PROM. if you would like, also include a brief summary of the magic (ie, did you get to bone? did you eat at red lobster? did you wear one of those weird tape on bra things?) i think if i got as many of you to send pictures in as possible, it could be the greatest thing ever.


love, natalie

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