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2003-12-15 - 12:31 a.m.

the past couple years have been a mess, current-events-wise. all that terrorist stuff and war stuff and now i guess they caught saddam hussein and who knows what is going to happen with that... throughout all of this, there seems to be a glaring omission, something the american people, no, ALL people should be thinking about. it has nothing to do with biological weapons or reality TV or any of that stuff. the lack of coverage of it just smacks of a cover-up. something so huge the government is powerless to stop it. but you can be prepared!

as this year draws to a close, ask yourself, and answer truthfully, "AM I Y2K COMPLIANT??"

you can prepare yourself so you and your loved ones will be able to survive in the very difficult months and years ahead. please read the NATALIE DEE TIPS FOR Y2K.

1. remove all your money from the bank right now.

2. gas up your car, and stockpile as much gas as you can find containers for.

3. purchase weapons.

if you follow the tips outlined above, you will make it through the very dark time the world will be facing in mere weeks. god speed.

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