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2004-02-15 - 12:56 a.m.

it is saturday, so i was off work today, so i did a little shopping. i went out to the drug store and got some discount cosmetics, and then went to the healthfood store and got some beeswax and banana hand cream (oops, i mean "creme". what the fuck is the difference?)

i came home, and the mister said that he needed to pick up some cholula. so we went to cost plus world market.

i am not sure if you have ever been to world market, or if they even have them in other cities. i am sure they do, but i only know of the one by my house. in case you have never been there, cost plus world market is a like a walmart for people who live in the suburbs that want to make the neighbors think that they are constantly vacationing at exotic locales. they have mass-produced african drums and bindi kits and sushi ingredients and clogs and those hats. you know what hats i am talking about. the stereotypical chinese people hat.

so we were walking around in the department that sells kitchen supplies, and we came across this:

what the fuck? of course i bought it, since it was only 1.99.

the packaging was just plain awesome, for one thing. "makes a square egg". since when did you need a square egg?

i got home and tried it out, and it kinda worked. the box suggests that you use a warm egg and a chilled egg cuber, but i just used to straight out the box, so it might work better if i remember to store my egg cuber in the freezer or something. for square egg emergencies. anyway, here is a touching photo montage of my first experience making a square egg:

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