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2003-03-26 - 10:48 a.m.

man, i just got back from my brother's house.

i go over there occasionally, you know, since he is my brother and all. usually his place is pretty clean. he doesn't have junk all over the place or anything. i have a little bit of junk, like manequin torsos and singing hamsters and pictures of my friends and the christmas tree is still up, but it is all in some semblance of order. he doesn't really have anything like that. no knickknacks or anything. he doesn't even have little junky things like comic books or toys or whatever laying around. pretty much, if he isn't going to use something for a purpose, he does not buy it, and even when he has stuff he seems to get rid of it real fast.

but, anyway, he had this contest thing where people sent him stuff, and i went to his house, and he has this teetering pile of shit in his living room now. seriously, a whole corner of his livingroom is useless flea market bullshit. he got some cool stuff, but A LOT of it is just junk. i kinda looked through it a little bit, and let me tell you, if it was possible for me to vomit out of my eyes, i would have. (i am not even going to go into the numerous people who sent LOOSE COFFEE BEANS. like , who is gonna open some envelope they just picked up at the post office and shake the shady beans in a grinder and just brew them up?) i could only imagine how crazy it is driving him. he may have actually eye-vomited.

it works out well for me, though, cause he got more candy than he can ever eat in a thousand years, so i pretty much just go over there and load up on chocolate covered pretzels and pocky and fucking marzipan, then roll myself home.

love- natalie

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