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2003-03-19 - 10:06 p.m.

the other day my mom came over my house.

my mom is a mental health nurse-type thing. she helps schizophrenics and alcoholics and drug addicts with their day to day life. she takes them to the store and helps them get their bills paid and handles their money and make sure they take their medicine and all that stuff. she also does group therapy meetings.

anyway, she was driving one of her clients to the state hospital and she stopped over my house on the way back. i had just got a new computer, and she was pretending to be interested in it.

my mom knows nothing about computers. when i say nothing, i mean nothing. other moms can at least do e-mail. i had a conversation with my mom in which she told me how she can't do e-mail because "i can't work the H". (when my mom says "the H" she means the "@") she also can't work it because she doesn't know how to make her window bigger and she doesn't like to have to read he e-mail one line at a time. i set up a yahoo address for her, and i had to explain to her that she did indeed have yahoo. for some reason she thought her internet didn't have yahoo. i dunno. i think she thinks web sites are like premium cable channels or something, and you have to pay extra for them.

so she was at my house and i was showing her my new computer, and she asked me if i could burn cds. i said yeah, and she followed it up immediately by asking me to burn a copy of my boyfriend's cd. she had never heard my boyfriend's band, and i didn't understand why she would want one, since she doesn't listen to music ever, and the only album she owns is this copy of "tapestry" that she found under the seat of some used car she bought. i think she just wanted it because she got a new car with a cd player and she didn't have any cds, and because she wanted to hear my boyfriend singing since she is praying to god he will be her future son in law. (she is dying to marry me off, but that story is for another entry.)

so i burn the cd, cause i couldn't very well tell her no, since i already told her i could burn cds and i had a stack of 50 blank ones right in front of her. i figured she would listen to it once, or put it in her purse and forget about it until it was too scratched to play.

the thing is, i talked to my sisters and brother, and she played it for all of them. i talked to my mom, and she was telling me all the songs she liked, and how she listens to it all the time. she also told me how she played it for all of her mental health patients at the group meeting and how they all loved it and want to buy a copy. i will randomly call her and hear it in the background, and my youngest sister knows all the words. it is awkward as all hell. i think my mom is turning in to some indie rocker.

oh, and i find out that she played one other album for her patients... the album? SUGAR "FILE UNDER EASY LISTENING". i think bob mould would be happy to know that someone was listening to it, even if that someone was a heroin addict or someone who had to listen to it several times since the voices in his head was drowning it out.

love- natalie

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