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2004-10-05 - 8:55 p.m.

SOMETHING NICE ABOUT NATALIE DEE: artistic, unique, helpful, good worker, creative personality, free spirit, fast, great laugh, intuitive, artistic, creative, infectious laugh, artistic, loyal, bohemian, different, friendly, nice, unique, thoughtful, positive, great t-shirts, very knowledgeable. (courtesy of my coworkers.)

sorry i have not written in awhile. i have been doing all kinds of stuff lately, and not too much thinking about things and putting them on the internet. to make up for it, i will just write a few mini-diaryland entries. maybe that will make up for it.

--i had the greatest idea when i was eating a hamburger the other idea is that i am going to open a hamburger restaurant and call if HAMBURGER VILLA. the menu will consist of all kinds of fancy hamburgers named after different locations, and prepared so it is kinda like the kind of food they eat in that area. like there will a VILLABURGER that will just be like a regular burger. there will be a GERMANBURGER that will have like sauerkraut on it or something. or ITALYBURGER that like has a pizza inside of the hamburger patty or whatever. maybe there would be a HAWAIIBURGER that has pinapple and poi on it. anyway, that is my awesome restaurant idea. don't steal it

--so, do any of you ladies have a Keeper?? i just got one and it is just about the sweetest thing in the universe. i got mine a few months ago, and it is already saving me all kinds of money. it is pretty awesome. you should get one for real. you should google it or something. i dunno, i would put a link here, but i have no idea how to put links on the internet without just having somebody else put links on the internet for me.

--i have recently been going out every weekend to see local bands. i don't really pay attention to who i am going to go see, i just go to the same bar and see whoever plays. i started this because i used to go out a lot, and see bands all the time, and i was pretty familiar with what was going on. then i got old and i didn't have a clue what was happening. ANYWAY, in case you are wondering, all the local bands suck pretty bad. they are pretty fiercely ass-terrible. if you live in columbus, you should start a good band. thank you.

--i went and saw the pixies yesterday. it was pretty awesome. there were two girls in front of me doing christmas-play-style interpretive dances. there was also a guy next to me swaying all over the place really really slow. as my friend said, he was definitely double-dipping. kim deal got all of her hair cut off, and for a minute i wrestled with the idea of getting my own cut off. then i realized that i would look like a moon pie and that was that.

--when you step to me with a mouth full of stilton, chewing with your mouth open, it does not make me want to kiss.

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