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2004-03-21 - 10:17 p.m.

i went out to micro center the other day, and i saw this tiny little digital camera. seriously, really teenie. i went home and checked ebay, and found a new one for 50 bucks cheaper than at the store, so i got it.

i thought i would give you a mini tour of some of the piles of shit at my house. i didn't originally intend for it to be a tour of piles of shit, but whatever.

1. this is my shower caddy. all the bottles and tubes and fluffy things and whatnot are mine. the lone bar of green soap belongs to the mister. i have hijacked the bathroom completely.

2. so, have you tried that new lime diet coke? holy fuck, is that stuff awesome. i did not hop on that lemon coke thing, or the vanilla, and i was real hesitant about the lime, but man, is it ever good. i even like it better that regular diet coke, and that is my absolute favorite ever. mmmm.

3. this is my closet. i used to keep my stuff in two steamer trunks, but that came to an end after my inderwear alone stopped fitting in the trunk. the funny thing is, i hate getting dressed, and shopping for clothes. and i pretty much wear the same sweater and pair of pants EVERY SINGLE DAY. i am not kidding.

4. this is a pile of black shoes and a bunch of electrical cords. forreal.

5. this is the shelf in the bathroom. everything on it is mine, except the deoderant with the green cap. that is the mister's. at this point, i would like to bring attention to the fact that he was living here before me, and evidence of his existence has been pretty much erased from the house. phase one is complete.

6. have you ever seen toe socks on a grown man? rawr.

7. i got a B in retard math. i got a B in retard math and hung it on the fridge. 4 months ago. high five!!

AWESOME. there you have it. as you can see, i get dressed and have good hygeine, and i enjoy diet coke, and my man wears fancy socks. thank you internet, thank you tiny digital camera.

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