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2003-10-31 - 12:33 a.m.

so i have this job, right? i am pretty sure most people there think i am pretty nuts. i haven't done anything to make them think this, i mean, i just come to work everyday and sit at my desk and do my job.

i think that part of it may be that i put off this weird vibe. almost everyone i am friends with has said to me at some point that their first impression of me left them completely terrified. that's fine, cause i am a nice enough person that once they all talked to me they realized i am ok. the people at work do not really have the benefit of talking to me, because i am usually really busy at work, and also a lot of them are middle-aged soccer moms, and grown up frat boys who i don't really have anything to say to.

so this entire week has been halloween week at work. they have been doing stuff with things and contest with other stuff. you know, morale crap. all i know is that there have been all kinds of piles of stuff in the lobby like pumpkins and candy and boxes of charity stuff. then there is this costume contest thing. you would think that since halloween is on friday that the costume thing would be friday. nope.

i was planning on dressing up. on friday. i get to work today, and it is THURSDAY. not halloween. i walk in and the receptionist is dressed like austin powers or something. i kinda feel bad. i think that maybe if i had paid attention i would have remembered to wear a costume and maybe participating in work stuff would make people not avert their eyes when i am going to the copy room. but what could i do?

i get in the elevator and it comes to me. i should dress up like SWEATER. i reach in my purse and grab a pen and write SWEATER across my shirt.

ok, so maybe my shirt dressed as sweater.

c'mon, what do you expect? i went from not having a costume, to costume idea, to costume creation in the 25 seconds it took in the elevator. sheesh.

i did better than the 4 people who dressed up as COLLEGE FOOTBALL FANS. if you have college football computer wallpaper and college football novelty ties, being a college football fan for halloween is not a costume.

having an article of your clothing pretend it is a different article of clothing is something different entirely.

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