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2003-09-28 - 8:03 p.m.

i know i said i was never going to get a hamster again. (see the entry "hamster free in 2003") but not too long ago i went for it again.

i went with a buddy of mine, and we went all over town looking for the best hamster 7.00 could buy. you would be amazed how many hamsters were just real shady looking and misbehaved and probably not making any sort of good pet.

we checked out one at this pet store near my house, and i swear, i took it out of the cage and it just stiffened up, rolled on its back, and just screamed and screamed and screamed. it was the most unnerving thing i have ever seen in my life. fuck that. if i am going to spend 50 bucks on a box for you to live in, and let you roll around the house, you better at least be a friendly motherfucker. i am not spending 7 bucks on an asshole.

then i saw this other one that seemed pretty nice, and it was cute or whatever, but at some point i was looking at it in the cage, and it just took this pee that was really something else. it was almost grotesque. i had never seen anything like it, and i never want to see anything like it again. i would compare it to a large female dog. only it was a hamster so it was pretty gross looking.

i finally found one that met my ideal hamster specifications. fuzzy? check. large creepy testicles? none that i can see. pretty discrete about peeing and not an asshole? yup.

introducing meemo.

meemo is a fat boy who can not squeeze between the bars of his cage. he also enjoys eating things and sleeping. he is also quite possibly the dumbest thing ever. hello, meemo.

if you have any info on getting a harness and leash for an animal such as meemo, let me know. if not, i am going to have to get a pug dog and build some kind of saddle and have meemo ride around on the back of the dog. yes and yes.

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