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2003-07-09 - 6:21 p.m.

so, as i mentioned before, i got this new job. its an office job, so i get every weekend off. last weekend, i got three days off in a row, because of the 4th of july. my brother got three days of in a row, too, so we drove to southern ohio to go to crazy mario's crackhouse of illegal explosives.

it is illegal to set off fireworks in ohio. if you purchase fireworks in ohio, you have to show them all kinds of ID, get entered into this database thing, and sign two forms saying that you are taking the fireworks outside of ohio, and tell them what city outside of ohio you are bringing them to.

we told them we were gonna set them off in louisville. we signed the papers. then we went haywire buying stuff... roman candles, snakes, jumping lacks, fountains, gyro blooms... we even got the morning glories, which are essentially really dangerous, illegal sparklers.

this is the box of fireworks we got...

pretty awesome.

so we spent all night setting stuff off. this is the result of piling up 24 boxes of snakes, and 2 boxes of anacondas (which are basically just really big snakes) and setting the whole shebang on fire.

awesome awesome.

this is one of those fancy fountain things.

not totally totally awesome, but it kinda got noisey at the end.

here is a picture of what happened when my brother stuck 20 of the illegal sparklers in a bottle.

i was kinda paranoid when he did that, especially since he lit it right next to my foot, but an illegal sparkler is still a sparkler. disappointing.

oh, i guess i should mention that we never made it to louisville. we pretty much set them off in ohio, on the main drag that runs through town. after we would set something off, we would hurry up and remove the evidence, and hide inside for a few minutes. it made things exciting.

it was an illegal fireworks marathon. when it was all done, we set off 144 morning glories, 24 boxes of snakes, 2 boxes of anacondas, 200 jumping jacks, 4 fountains, 8 gyro-thingies, and 24 roman candles. it took a couple days, but you can do anything when you set your mind to it. be continued

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