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2003-06-14 - 7:00 p.m.

i used to live with one of my friends. she had a couple kids, i guess they were 6 and 4 or something when i lived there. the kids were pretty awesome. really smart and all that. she had a little girl and a little boy.

one day i was in my room, sleeping or painting or talking on the phone or whatever else you do on the phone. i looked towards the door, and the little girl has slipped a book she made underneath it.


yeah, what's up chumps. where is YOUR natalie award? i don't see any of you suckers flying out of the water, diva-ing it up.

kids are really awesome. unless they are your kids, in which case you never get to go anywhere, you always have to buy them stuff, they crap on you, and you never get to sleep in ever again. and you have to uninstall that sex swing you have hanging in the middle of the living room.

(by the way, check out the title page in that book. i look really underwhelmed, or tired, or stoned. so great.)

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