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2003-04-14 - 11:53 a.m.

i don't drink or anything.

i have a pretty crappy job, too, so i never have any money after i am done paying my car payment, rent, insurance, student loans, electric bill, cable/internet bill, groceries...

but i still like to go out and do stuff. usually i go to this bar that is not too far from my house and buy diet pepsis and draw pictures. or play scrabble. you know, whatever is cheapest.

this past weekend i hung out with my buddy brucie (not her real name). i like hanging out with her cause she is a little younger than me and therefore is pretty much fearless. anyway, we were gonna go out and drive go-carts until we found out that it would cost us money to drive go-carts.

it was a nice night, though, and we heard all kinds of people outside yelling and doing whatever. so we decided to go on a walk and make sure everyone was keeping it safe.

before we left, though, we came to the conclusion that flipping people off is always funny.

with this information in mind, we headed south. we walked and walked, telling everyone we passed to wrap it up, and keep it safe. people pretty much just ignored us. people who seemed like they were being safe already we just flipped off. then we just started flipping everyone off.

i live in a pretty safe part of town, but the further south you go, the more shady things are. before we knew it, we were at the scariest 7-11 in the scariest part of town. of course, we bought squishies and sat on the curb in the parking lot for awhile.

there were all these cars parked in front of us, and there were all these dr. dre-looking cats smoking blunts and hanging out in the parking lot too. they were so close i could have reached out and poked one of them in the leg, but i didn't. we weren't gonna leave, so we just sat there and talked about how it didn't seem like they were keeping it very safe at all, and how, more than likely, they had no plans on wrapping it up at any time that evening. then the bird started getting itchy.

oh, i wanted to shoot the bird so bad. i wanted to let my middle finger fly. i wanted to make a big show of it. i wanted to flip them off with both hands. IT WOULD BE SO FUNNY. then i realized that that is probably how bad things happen to people.

so we walked back, and once we got to my neighborhood, i started flipping the bird to everyone without prejudice. pow pow pow. fuck you, sorority chicks walking back from the bar. fuck you, indie dude in the cowboy shirt. fuck you, city bus. fuck you, telephone pole. fuck you, stray dog.

then we got home and listened to the new breeders album. kim deal never washes her hair and has a kinda big butt. and i bet she would have flipped off those dudes in the 7-11 parking lot.

love, natalie

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