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2003-01-28 - 3:32 p.m.

there is this guy i work with. i think he is borderline retarded. he is in his late 40s, and has been working at the place i work at for, seriously, tens of years, and he still isn't a manager or anything. i think i make more than he does, too, and i have only been there for a year.

the thing about him is, he chews tobacco constantly. maybe you live somewhere that is classy and have never been in the presence of someone chewing tobacco (which will be refered to from now on as "spittin' chaw"), but it is freaking nasty. i mean, i smoke, and i know that is not 100% pleasant, but i smoke in designated areas and my smoking does not result in bottles and bottles of dark brown spit everywhere.

he brings a bottle of water to work everyday, drinks the water, then crams his mouth full of chew and proceeds to spit in the empty bottle. then, when the chew is done, he empties his mouth and starts again. (what do you call it when the chaw in your mouth is done? is it tapped out like a keg? cashed? i dunno. i don't spit chaw.)

i complained to a manager about this, and it only resulted in him spitting in the toilet of the employee restroom and not flushing it, and hiding the spit bottles instead of leaving them in full view of everyone. at first this was allright, until one day my friend who i work with and i went on a hunt for incriminating bottles so we could dump them on the front porch of mr. chaw's house.

we wound up finding a couple in this cabinet of the lab, and a couple in the trash can. my friend pulled the trash bag out of the can, and the bag ripped, and the chaw spit dumped all over his arm. it was fucking disgusting.


this is my first entry. before i did it, i think i accidentally went to 86 times.

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