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Comic #1007: dont tell drew

Natalie Dee comic: dont tell drew * Text: 
This whole time, you've been so misunderstood. Now I see how truly wonderful you are! Let's go carpetbomb Iran!

Aw, yeah. I'm your POTUS baby.

Comic #3347: your cat isnt cool

Natalie Dee comic: your cat isnt cool * Text: i hate your cat

Comic #2332: giveashitometer

Natalie Dee comic: giveashitometer * Text: it appears that the needle broke on my giveashitometer dont care meh how bout that interesting holy shit

Natalie Dee comic: you look fantastic too * Text: ahhh that chemical peel was just what i needed i feel so young and refreshed

Comic #876: cat ass

Natalie Dee comic: cat ass * Text: 

cat ass

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