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2005-03-29 - 10:03 p.m.

hi hi. it has been a long time since i have been on the computer. i have been spending the last couple weeks moving from my old townhouse (located, literally, across from the liquor store, behind a dumpster) to a bungalow in the suburbs. bung-a-low.

the old place was pretty bad news. when i first moved in, it was real charming or whatever, but in the last year the neighborhood has gone to complete shit, and the house started falling apart. i have had my car fucked with three times in the past 6-7 months. once, i came outside, and every single door and the trunk of my car was hanging wide open, and the interior was completely soaked because it had rained all night. the last time my car got messed with, someone was trying to unlock my car door, and pulled off all the trim around my windows. the best was when a drifter hassled my husband for money and cigarettes WHILE MY HUSBAND WAS STILL STANDING ON THE PORCH LOCKING THE BACK DOOR.

originally, we were looking to move to a hip neighborhood. a lot of time was spent driving around, looking for signs, taking down phone numbers. the thing is, a house (or even half-a-house) in a cool neighborhood is EXPENSIVE. like, the rents were more than twice as much as i was paying, for places that were SHITTY and SMALL. and the hip neighborhoods are all right next to the bad neighborhoods, so it is not like i would be paying a lot of rent and not having people trying to break into my car.

eventually, it occured to me:
*it doesn't matter where i live.
*its not like i ever go anywhere anyway.

so we ended up looking in the suburbs, and found a nice place that is bigger than the last place. it has a DISHWASHER. there will probably be trick-or-treaters on halloween. my neighbor works at the dental school, and in her free time, she is a freelance denture-maker (TEETH!!). there is a yard with fence, and it is actually CLOSER to target. i live near real OLD LADIES. it is nuts.

of course, there were the bazillion issues with getting everything set up, like phones and the gas line and the internet. we had problems getting every single utility set up. it was an ordeal and made me wonder how other people who are not unemployed get their shit set up, cause i know i just spent days sitting around waiting for people to never come over and connect my phone. but now i am all done, and today was officially the first day of back to normal. hello! how have you been??

the dog is enjoying himself, although i think the move shook him to his core, because he has has completely lost his ability to crap in the appropriate location. and he PEED on my new beanbag chair, and it leaked all the way through to the other side of the chair, and onto my freshly washed floor. i thought for a moment how funny it would be if i whined for a dog all this time only to take it on a ride after two months of having one. ha ha ha it would be so funny.


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