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2005-02-14 - 10:46 a.m.

as you all may know, i got a dog a couple weeks ago.

my husband and i were hanging out with my sister-in-law, shooting the shit, talking about how i was gonna write my resignation e-mail to my boss the following night, when i pointed out that, since i was not going to be going to work anymore, this would be a perfect time to get a dog as i would be home to train it, etc. the old man agreed, and, as he put it, i had a dog before it was my turn to talk again. (actually, i got the go-ahead on saturday, and found a breeder, went to her house, got my dog, and brought him home by monday night.)

the breeder was really excellent, and all the puppies were very nice. we picked out chuckie because he was a lighter color and seemed to be a little more well-behaved.

and he is pretty well-behaved for the most part... i mean, he has not wrecked anything yet. he is litter trained and goes in a litter box like a cat, which is pretty awesome. he just goes whenever he has to go, i do not have to take him out or anything (he doesn't get too psyched about being outside anyway, he is really small, and the cold kinda pisses him off.) the breeder had him more or less trained before we even got him. he is pretty good about going in his box, but he has his moments. he lets us bathe him and clip his nails, no problem. he loves everybody, and is completely aware of the fact that he is the cutest puppy ever. we took him on a walk one day when we had nice weather, and when people walk by he will sit down, and either they will pet him and we will be on our way, or we will have to pick him up and carry him. he is pretty demanding.

he naps more or less constantly, and gets incredibly indignant when you put him down when he wants to sit on you and nap. then he spends the couple hours a day he is awake being a big weirdo. he crunches up his treats into little crumbs, speads them all over the floor, then licks them up. he chases his tail, but then will actually catch it, and yank it so hard in his teeth that he falls over. he is more or less retarded.

he has just recently started humping stuff. i think he has a thing for pillows. he goes berserk whenever he is on the couch or bed-- just goes NUTS-- and i got him his own mouse shaped squeaky pillow and he has just been humping that with abandon. it kinda creeps me out cause he is a baby, and there is something wrong with an 11-week old wanting to bone so much. but whatever. i do not know the appropriate age for dogs to start humping things. i am going to assume he is fine.

his favorite hobby is something i like to call the CRAPSTOMP. basically, if he is bored and in his crate, he will dig all of his litter out of his litter box and then stomp around in the poop. it is only when he is home alone (which is never more than an hour or so a day.) i have tried everything-- cleaning out his box before i leave, leaving him with just a puppy pad and no litter to dig, leaving all kinds of toys to occupy him-- but nothing works. he will make crap especially to dig and stomp in. he is just an old crap dog.

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